Sell backlinks

Do you own a few websites and do you want to earn some money with it? You can earn money with your website easily with Linksmarket! With our platform you can provide advertisement space on your website(s). If you do this, advertisers can buy backlinks on your website(s) directly.

You will decide the price for the link placement. Linksmarket receives a fee for every sale you make. When you add your website to our platform, you will see how much the fee will be.

The money you earn with selling backlinks will be added to your account balance. You can use this money to buy back backlinks yourself or you can withdraw it to your bank account every first Monday of the month. Therefore we have a minimum threshold of 25 euros.

How do you start selling backlinks?
If you want to sell backlinks with Linksmarket, you have to create an account first. Than you can add one or more websites to your account. You will submit the URLs of the specific pages, you will determine the prices of the backlinks and you will choose the head- and sub category of the website.

With an account on Linksmarket you can buy and sell backlinks. This means it's also possible to buy links from other websites directly.