What can I do with an account on Linksmarket?

With an account on Linksmarket you can provide ad space on your website and you can advertise on other websites. So with only one account you can buy and sell backlinks. This makes it possible to buy backlinks with the money you have earned selling backlinks.

How can I create an account?

You can easily create an account on Linksmarket. The only thing you have to do is fill in your email address on this page and hit the submit button. Than you will receive an email with a link to a page where you can create your password. When you have filled in your password twice and you click next, you are signed in to your account directly.

What are publishers?

With publishers we mean the website owners who provide ad space on their website(s) for advertisers. Advertisers can place their backlinks on these websites. With Linksmarket publishers can sell backlinks on their website(s) to advertisers.

What are advertisers?

With advertisers we mean the website owners who place backlinks to their website(s) on other websites. With Linksmarket advertisers can buy backlinks on the websites of publishers.


How can I provide ad space on my website?

If you want to provide ad space on your website, you first have to create an account. Than you can add your website(s) to our platform.

Which data do I have to submit by adding a website?

By adding a website you need to submit the following data:
  1. URL (from the specific page where advertisers can place their links)
  2. Type of website
  3. Head category
  4. Sub category
  5. Keywords (this makes it easier for advertisers to find relevant websites)
  6. Forbidden words (words advertisers can't use in the anchor or the URL)
  7. Price (the price you fill in here will be the price excluding VAT)

Can I add multiple websites at once?

It is possible to add the URLs of multiple websites at once. You can also add multiple URLs from different pages on one website. When you add multiple websites / pages, you can only set prices and categories that apply for backlinks on all of these websites / pages. After adding the websites it is possible to change the prices and categories from each URL.

How do you set the price of a link on my website?

You are the one who decides the price for a backlink on your website. We recommend you to look at the prices from backlinks on similar websites and use this information to set your own price. When you add a website, you can fill in the price for a backlink (excluding VAT). You will also see directly which part of this amount will be our fee and which amount you will receive.

How much is the fee for Linksmarket?

The percentage of the fee for Linksmarket depends on the price you ask for a backlink. Below you will find an overview.

Price of a backlink Fee percentage
€0 - €2525%
€26 - €7522,5%
€76 - €10020%
€101 - €15017,5%
€151 - €20015%

BEWARE: When you place a link after 72 hours or more after receiving the request, we will count 5% extra fee.

How do I receive a link request?

When an advertiser requests a backlink on one of your websites, you will receive an email about this. You can also see the link requests in your account on our platform.

Wat do I have to do when I have received a link request?

When you have received a link request, you have to place the backlink within 72 hours on your website. Afterwards you will notify us about the placement via your account or via the link in the email with the link request. When we approve the backlink the placement will be visible for the advertiser.

Within how much time do I have to place a requested backlink?

You have to place a requested backlink within 72 hours. If you don't do this, we will charge 5% extra fee. The backlink has to be placed maximum 7 days after receiving the link request, otherwise the link request will be declined. If this happens more than 3 times, your Linksmarket account will be put on inactive.

For how long do I have to place the link on my website?

When an advertiser submits a link request he can set the duration of the backlink. The advertiser can choose for 1, 3 or 5 years. Close to the due date of the link placement the advertiser can choose to extend the placement for a longer time. When the advertiser chooses to extend, you will receive an email notification. If the advertiser doesn't want to extend the link placement, you will receive an email on the due date of the link placement and from that moment on you can delete the backlink.

Does an advertiser have the ability to change a backlink?

An advertiser is able to change a backlink. As a publisher you will receive a request to change the backlink. For changing a backlink you will receive €2,00 excluding VAT (our fee is €0,50 excluding VAT).

Does an advertiser have the ability to delete a backlink?

An advertiser is able to delete a backlink. As a publisher you will receive a request to delete a backlink.

When do I get paid?

Via your profile settings you can set up your payment settings. You can choose to withdraw your account balance to your bank account or you can choose not to withdraw the money and spend your balance buying backlinks on other websites. If you want to withdraw your money, it will be transferred to your bank account every first Monday of the month. We have a minimum threshold of €25. This means your account needs to be at least €25 before we will pay out.

Where do I find my credit invoices?

You will find your credit invoices on this page. You will receive a credit invoice at the moment you will get paid out. If your account balance is less than €25 and you don't get paid out or if you spend (a part of) you account balance buying backlinks, you won't receive a credit invoice for this amount of money.

Can I hide my website(s) for (specific) advertisers?

It is possible to hide your website(s) for advertisers who have to spend less than a specific amount. You can set this up via your profile settings. This way you can protect your website(s). It is also possible to make your website(s) (temporarily) invisible for advertisers.


How can I purchase backlinks on Linksmarket?

If you want to purchase backlinks via Linksmarket, you need to create an account first. When you are logged in, you can search for relevant websites where you can purchase a backlink. If you want to purchase a backlink, you need to fill in your company details before you can check out.

How do I find websites for advertisting?

There a few possibilities to search for relevant websites:
  • Search. Via the page 'Search links' you can search on a keyword. This can be a word in the URL or a keyword that is submitted the publisher. You can also search specific for websites, startpages, blogs or homepage links / daughter links.
  • Look through the head and/or sub categories on the page 'Categories'.
  • Look through the startpage homepage links on the page 'Startpage homepage links'.

Which website data can I see via Linksmarket?

When you search for websites via Linksmarket, you can see the following data directly in the search results:
  • URL
  • TF (Trust Flow according to Majestic.com)
  • CF (Citation Flow according to Majestic.com)
  • DA (Domain Authority according to Moz.com)
  • PA (Page Authority according to Moz.com)
  • Spam score (according to Moz.com)
  • RD (the amount of referring domains according to Majestic.com)
  • IP address
  • Type of website
  • Sub category

How can you see if a website is from good quality?

You can determine if a website is from good quality by checking the ranking of the TF and the CF, the DA and the PA and the spam score. It would be best if the CF is not much higher than the TF.

How do I request a backlink?

When you have found a website where you want to place a backlink, you click on the green plus icon on the right side. A popup will appear and you will have to fill in a few details. When you filled in all the data, you can send the link request to the website owner.

Which data can I submit when I request a backlink?

When you request a backlink you can submit the following data:
  • Anchor text
  • URL
  • Description
  • Category
  • Link type: Dofollow / Nofollow
  • Duration
  • Startdate (the publisher will receive the request on the startdate)
  • Tags (keywords to find your links easier in your account. For example you can tag a few backlinks with the name of your client.

How can I pay for a backlink?

When you requested a backlink the costs of the link placement will be settled with your account balance. Is your balance to low? Than you need to charge your balance. At the moment the payment is completed, the publisher will directly receive an email with your link request.

BEWARE: The prices of the backlinks and the amount of money on your account balance are excluding VAT.

How can I charge my account balance?

You can charge your account balance with a payment with iDeal, Bancontant, SOFORT Banking, bank transfer, BITCOIN, KBC/CBC of Belfius Direct Net.

How long does it take before my backlink gets placed?

We advice our publishers to place requested backlinks within 72 hours. If the backlink is still not placed after 7 days, the link request will be declined automatically and you will get back your money directly. This will be added to your account balance. You will receive an email about this.

Where do I find my invoices?

You will find your invoices on the page 'Pay online / Invoices'. Be aware that you will only receive an invoice when you don't pay your requested backlink(s) with your account balance. So there will only be made an invoice if you can't pay the backlink(s) with your account balance and you have to charge your balance with the amount you have to pay for the link(s). The link(s) will be you paid for will be described on the invoice.

If you charge your account balance while you don't buy links at that moment, you also receive an invoice. The payment will be described as 'Purchase balance' on the invoice.

How do I know when my backlink is placed?

When the publisher has confirmed that the backlink is placed and this is checked by our script, you can see this in your account on the page 'My links'. Here you will see the status and the data of your backlinks.

For how long will my link be placed?

While adding a backlink you can choose for a placement duration of 1, 3 or 5 years. Close to the due date you can choose to continue the link placement. If you don't do this, the link will expire and the website owner will delete the link.

Can I change a backlink that has been placed?

It is possible to change backlinks that are already placed. The costs of changing a backlink are €2,50 excluding VAT.

Can I delete a backlink that has been placed?

It is possible to delete a backlink that has been placed. There are no additional costs for deleting a backlink.

Can I cancel a link request?

It is not possible to cancel a link request that has been paid for or to change a backlink. Only when the link has been placed, you can change or delete the backlink. There are no additional costs for deleting a backlink. For changing a backlink you have to pay €2,50 excluding VAT.